Acus Wand

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Acus Wand
Acus Wand big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Wands
Tooltip A powerful wand stained green from adamantite and cactus.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
200 20
Level to Equip 24
Ingredient Req.
Refined Fang.png Refined Fang 6
Refined Incense.png Refined Incense 3
Cactus.png Cactus 7
Adamantite Ingot.png Adamantite Ingot 3
Surface Prod.
File:SyleChamber.png SyleChamber
"SyleChamber" is not in the list (Anvil, Carpenter Tools, Furnace, Hand, Imbuing Chamber, Ingot Mould, Smithing Tools, Tanning Rack, Workstation, Forge, ...) of allowed values for the "Has serviceRequired" property.