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Basic items include Crafting Surfaces, Storage devices, and other very basic items such as Lumber, Torches, Leather, Platforms, Catalysts, and Paper. To add an item, fill out the Add New Item form.

Crafting Surfaces

Crafting Surfaces can be found under the 'Basics' menu in game. Crafting Surfaces are used to craft items or research recipes


Thus far, there are x Storage devices available other than the character inventory. Smallest available storage device is a Bucket and the largest is a Large Gold Chest. You can place a chest on just about any flat surface with enough space.

Name Type Description
Alatrian Chest.png Alatrian Chest Storage Baritus used to have towers full of such chests, before he bankrupted the kingdom.
Gold Chest.png Gold Chest Storage As the Abeos began to prosper they started caring about appearances.
Large Gold Chest.png Large Gold Chest Storage Abeos engrave Gildor's symbol into every chest.
Large Silver Chest.png Large Silver Chest Storage As Abeo started to collect more and more things they need a larger amount of storage.
Silver Chest.png Silver Chest Storage During winter festivals, children carry these small chests to collect gifts.
Wooden Box.png Wooden Box Storage When the Abeos left Corsaltus they created wooden boxes to store their things.


Essentials are crafted items that are the very fundamentals of most items in game other than mob drops. Essential items require no more than 2 or 3 items to craft.

Name Type Description
Auri Lumber.png Auri Lumber Essentials Because of the value of Auri Lumber, thieves sometimes try to desecrate an Auri tree. This is considered one of the highest crimes that can be committed.
Catalyst.png Catalyst Essentials After Crea became corrupted by chaos, Abeo discovered that catalysts have the effect of partially nullifying that chaos.
Cloth.png Cloth Essentials The Aer made speep so the Abeo could craft clothes - and possibly to amuse Abeo children.
Condensed Chaos.png Condensed Chaos Essentials Imbued with the power of Remna, this chaos is capable of further corrupting even the strongest creatures.
Dantrest Medallion.png Dantrest Medallion Essentials The bearer of this medallion is always granted an audience with the Dantrest king.
Empty Bottle.png Empty Bottle Essentials A simple bottle, useful when collecting and gathering.
Leather.png Leather Essentials So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Lumber.png Lumber Essentials Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Crea.
Paper.png Paper Essentials Abeo developed paper very quickly since they were always recording their progress on shaping Crea.
Platform.png Platform Essentials Provides a stable surface for explorer's feet.
Torch.png Torch Essentials Peasants use these crude torches to light their way.
Way Crystal.png Way Crystal Essentials "It is believed that Etheous set up the way crystal network to enable the other Aer an easy way to visit Atrea." - Scholar


Outfits are items used on Mannequins to summon NPC's

Name Type Description
Cartographer Outfit.png Cartographer Outfit Outfits The scholarly uniform of one who studies in the cartographer's guild.
Dungeoneer Outfit.png Dungeoneer Outfit Outfits The sturdy outfit of one who works building dungeons for adventurers.
Enchanter Outfit.png Enchanter Outfit Outfits Very few truly know how to manipulate Remna. They are known as the Remni.
Grafter Outfit.png Grafter Outfit Outfits
Healer Outfit.png Healer Outfit Outfits The sacred robes of one who serves in the healer's guild.
Merchant Outfit.png Merchant Outfit Outfits The colorful, exotic outfit of one who belongs to the merchant's guild.
Researcher Outfit.png Researcher Outfit Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Scavenger Outfit.png Scavenger Outfit Outfits The well-worn outfit of one who travels throughout Crea, hunting for lost valuables.
Scholar Outfit.png Scholar Outfit Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.

Name Type Description
Remna Fountain.png Remna Fountain Remna Capable of slowly accumulating Remna fragments to coalesce into a Remna Core.
Remna of Aegnix.png Remna of Aegnix Remna "My children fought with me against that senseless king. With their deaths so goes my heart." - Aegnix
Remna of Aeolus.png Remna of Aeolus Remna "Leave me out of this war, or I'll blow you away." - Aeolus
Remna of Amnis.png Remna of Amnis Remna "Ally or enemy, I will save whomever falls into my embrace." - Amnis
Remna of Blaze.png Remna of Blaze Remna "The shorter the time we have, the more we must let our passion blaze, like our father Aegnix." - Lorumite Warrior
Remna of Gale.png Remna of Gale Remna "We can always try to plan our lives, but we never know when a strong gale will uproot us." - Tetrea Baritus
Remna of Quake.png Remna of Quake Remna Of all the Aer, Silvan is the most generous with gifts, but from time to time he reminds us of his power.
Remna of Radiance.png Remna of Radiance Remna Is it said that at night Tentiat leaves his tower and walks among the Abeo, cloaked so that his radiance will not blind them.
Remna of Silvan.png Remna of Silvan Remna Silvan rewards those who are brave enough to delve into the deep places under the earth.
Remna of Tentiat.png Remna of Tentiat Remna Abeo grooms wear the symbol of Tentiat on their wedding robes as a symbol of faithfulness and reliability.
Remna of Torrent.png Remna of Torrent Remna "May Amnis be vigilant in the wake of your vessel." - Cigruf's Dockmaster.