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Catalyst big.png
Category Basics
Sub Essentials
Effect Usable in chaos crafting to restore balance.
Tooltip After Crea became corrupted by chaos, Abeo discovered that catalysts have the effect of partially nullifying that chaos.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
40 99
Ingredient Req.
Way Shard.png Way Shard 2

Name Category Subcategory Description
Combat Ring.png Combat Ring Armor Accessories The piece of fang embedded in the small gold band is believed to grant the wearer a special ferocity.
Sniper Ring.png Sniper Ring Armor Accessories "Clear your eyes, men, and calm your minds. Today will be remembered as a day of victory." - General Gallant
Swimming Fins.png Swimming Fins Armor Accessories Although Amnis is known to rescue drowning swimmers, she does not often assist those who endanger their lives in the deeps of the ocean for the sake of treasure.
Syle Ring.png Syle Ring Armor Accessories The blue sparkle of the syle core is reflected by the sapphires on either side.
Sylic Bomb.png Sylic Bomb Weapons Throwing Clevates invented the sylic bomb with the help of Eutress, and took that knowledge with him when he left her.
Thread Ball.png Thread Ball Weapons Throwing This is an Abeo version of a simple trap used by telin.