Convert Chaos

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Convert Chaos
Convert Chaos big.png
Talent Craft
Base Effect Step Cost:3, Duration:2, Recharges:20, Converts 50% gained chaos into quality.
Leveling Info
Skill Level Unlocks at TP Cost Description
1 6 500 Unlocks ability
2 14 600 Converts 25% more chaos into quality
3 22 700 Increase duration by 1 Steps
4 30 800 Recharge time is shortened by 5 steps
5 38 900 Converts 25% more chaos into quality
Convert Chaos has a Step Cost of 3, Duration of 3, and a Recharge of 20. It is tremendously useful skill, but it has terribly long recharge. Any gained chaos is turned into quality. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but its actual duration is not just 2 steps while buff is active, but also 3 steps when it's channeling. Great for "+20 chaos" (20C) trigger, late "+25% chaos"(25%) trigger (like at 95 chaos) and late Refine with 7Sk, when you get 7 chaos for skill and like 5 just for a lot of triggers you've had. Raising this skill reduces its cooldown, raises its duration, and provides a greater convert ratio.