Critical Blade

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Critical Blade
Critical Blade big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Swords
Effect Third combo attack will always be a critical hit.
Tooltip A skilled swordsman needs fewer swings.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
400 40
Weapon Stats
Power 93-98
Special Attributes [[Has Weapon_Special::Third combo always deals critical damage, +[5 - 8] Luck]]
Enchantment Slots 2
Level to Equip 42
Ingredient Req.
Purified Leather.png Purified Leather 4
Corrupted Metal.png Corrupted Metal 1
Corium Ingot.png Corium Ingot 4
Osmium Ingot.png Osmium Ingot 6
Whetstone.png Whetstone 4
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1