Diamond Shard

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Diamond Shard
Diamond Shard big.png
Tooltip Due to all the stegara overturning the earth, lots of diamonds can be found here.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
75 99

Mined deep underground.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bejeweled Mattock.png Bejeweled Mattock Tools Gems of different colors are inlaid along this mattock, making it appear more like a piece of art than a tool.
Diamond.png Diamond Alchemy Smelting Is it because of their beauty, or because of their ability to withstand anything, that diamonds have come to represent love?
Sano's Gorget (Lv20).png Sano's Gorget (Lv20) Armor Accessories Blessed by Sano, this gorget provides great protection
Sylic Breeches.png Sylic Breeches Armor Legs
Sylic Hood.png Sylic Hood Armor Head
Sylic Robe.png Sylic Robe Armor Chest