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Tooltip Silvan, do not allow our feet to slip.
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2 999

Name Category Subcategory Description
Arcane Rod.png Arcane Rod Weapons Wands A staple wand in any mage's arsenal..
Leaves.png Leaves Home Building A solid wall of leaves.
Lorumite Cap.png Lorumite Cap Armor Head A primitive helmet created long ago by the people of Lorum.
Lorumite Pants.png Lorumite Pants Armor Legs Even though this provided little protection, it still was widely used due to the abundance of the materials.
Lorumite Shirt.png Lorumite Shirt Armor Chest Surrounded by forests at the foot of Acano, this proved to be effective camouflage.
Terra Mattock.png Terra Mattock Tools Mattock Made of common elements of the ground, the terra mattock responds to its own kind.
File:Weathered Tree.png Weathered Tree Home Decoration