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Dungeoneer big.png
Class NPC
Hostile? No

The Dungeoneer allows you to create your own dungeon, you can choose the difficulty, the size, and place modifiers (either to help you or help the enemies). However you cannot edit the conditions like "Do not Kill monsters", that is completely random regardless of difficulty, size, and modifiers.

Every modifier you add will increase the cost to create the dungeon, most dependent on the modifiers you select, and will cost a specific resource if you choose certain layouts.

Furthermore, this is not Permanent creation. The Dungeon you are paying for is a one time thing, once you finish the dungeon or lose, the next time you wish to try again will cost you.

To summon a Dungeoneer, you must craft a Dungeoneer Outfit and place it on a Mannequin.

Dungeoneer will give you a discount if in a room with a lantern.