Etheous Sword

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Etheous Sword
Etheous Sword big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Swords
Effect Has a chance to apply any of the elemental status effects when hitting an enemy.
Tooltip The powers of all the Aer originally came from Etheous, the Companion.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
400 40
Level to Equip 41
Ingredient Req.
Corrupted Remna.png Corrupted Remna 1
Osmium Ingot.png Osmium Ingot 4
Remna of Aegnix.png Remna of Aegnix 5
Remna of Silvan.png Remna of Silvan 5
Remna of Amnis.png Remna of Amnis 5
Remna of Aeolus.png Remna of Aeolus 5
Remna of Tentiat.png Remna of Tentiat 5
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1