Gold Ingot

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Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot big.png
Category Alchemy
Sub Smelting
Tooltip A bar of refined gold.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
230 3 99
Ingredient Req.
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 5
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1

The fourth tier material, above Silver Ingot and below Adamantite Ingot

Name Category Subcategory Description
Alatrian Bed.png Alatrian Bed Home Furniture An extravant bed, as might be found in the bedchambers of the royal palace.
Alatrian Chair.png Alatrian Chair Home Furniture Beautifully carved in polished wood.
Alatrian Nightstand.png Alatrian Nightstand Home Furniture The Alatrian style of furniture, which was preferred by Alatro Baritus, is known for its opulent elegance.
Alatrian Table.png Alatrian Table Home Furniture A table worthy of a rich feast.
Altar.png Altar Home Furniture Show off where you like to keep your valuables!
Artisan Broadsword.png Artisan Broadsword Weapons Swords A fine sword forged with beautiful detailing.
Candelabra.png Candelabra Home Lighting Only wealthy Abeo are able to afford enough candles to light these beautiful candelabras.
Cluster Ring.png Cluster Ring Armor Accessories Emits the same comforting glow as Way Crystals.
Combat Ring.png Combat Ring Armor Accessories The piece of fang embedded in the small gold band is believed to grant the wearer a special ferocity.
Dungeoneer Outfit.png Dungeoneer Outfit Basics Outfits The sturdy outfit of one who works building dungeons for adventurers.
Glaive.png Glaive Weapons Spears A curved iron blade with a ruby ring where the blade meets the pole.
Gold Arrow.png Gold Arrow Weapons Ammo These arrows look like shafts of sunlight flying through the air.
Gold Brick.png Gold Brick Home Building Line the walls of your home with gold.
Gold Chest.png Gold Chest Basics Storage As the Abeos began to prosper they started caring about appearances.
Gold Grappler.png Gold Grappler Tools Gadget The double grapples and gold construction make this grappler worthy of a king.
Gold Lockpick.png Gold Lockpick Tools Miscellaneous Those who steal are destined to be stolen from.
Greatsword.png Greatsword Weapons Swords Only great warriors are capable of wielding such a blade.
Halberd.png Halberd Weapons Spears Soldiers armed with halberds specialize in destroying enemy siege equipment.
Heavy Breeches.png Heavy Breeches Armor Legs Smithed from the finest iron in all of Resurra.
Heavy Chestplate.png Heavy Chestplate Armor Chest Few soldiers have the honor of wearing this armor and protecting their king.
Heavy Helm.png Heavy Helm Armor Head The Dantrest Crest is prominently centered over the forehead.
Intensity Rod.png Intensity Rod Weapons Wands Many mages consider this wand to be a weapon of last resort.
Ivory Mattock.png Ivory Mattock Tools Mattock Even a mountain couldn't stand in the way of this mattock.
Lance.png Lance Weapons Spears During the war, lancers were especially effective at fighting flying monsters.
Large Gold Chest.png Large Gold Chest Basics Storage Abeos engrave Gildor's symbol into every chest.
Large Tapestry.png Large Tapestry Home Decoration A woven depiction of the legendary llamacorn, lavishly illuminated with golden thread.
Light Breeches.png Light Breeches Armor Legs Once a year, a few select monks leave the monastery confines to seek funding from powerful allies.
Light Doublet.png Light Doublet Armor Chest Upon arriving at the monastery, men shed their former lives and clothing and receive their official robes.
Light Hood.png Light Hood Armor Head Atop mount Lumuto, a wondrous monastery sits where the monks dedicate their lives to Sano.
Llama Banner.png Llama Banner Home Decoration May the llama smile upon your household.
Long Bow.png Long Bow Weapons Bows A huge bow that takes great strength to bend.
Long Broadsword.png Long Broadsword Weapons Swords A fashionable sword with a long blade.
Lord Broadsword.png Lord Broadsword Weapons Swords
Poison Charm.png Poison Charm Armor Accessories
Poison Spear (Lv20).png Poison Spear (Lv20) Weapons Spears A spear made from the tail of a zabis, with the venomous stinger intact
Rapier.png Rapier Weapons Swords Refined and artful, but quick as lightning.
Reinforced Shield.png Reinforced Shield Armor Shields In the light of Solunais, the polished shields of the Dantrest Army sparkled like a sea of fire.
Sabre.png Sabre Weapons Swords Capable of parrying most melee attacks.
Sano's Gorget (Lv20).png Sano's Gorget (Lv20) Armor Accessories Blessed by Sano, this gorget provides great protection
Siege Bow.png Siege Bow Weapons Bows A beefy metal bow.
Sniper Ring.png Sniper Ring Armor Accessories "Clear your eyes, men, and calm your minds. Today will be remembered as a day of victory." - General Gallant
Syle Corps Hood.png Syle Corps Hood Armor Head Every Abeo child dreams of being chosen for the elite Syle Corps, but only the most talented and intelligent youngsters are so honored.
Syle Corps Leggings.png Syle Corps Leggings Armor Legs When talent scouts for the Syle Corps visit villages, they are treated with the utmost hospitality.
Syle Corps Robe.png Syle Corps Robe Armor Chest Ancient runes of protection and power are embroidered into the robes of every Corps member.
Sylic Blade.png Sylic Blade Weapons Swords A gold-syle alloy endows this blade with a magical attack.
Sylic Bow.png Sylic Bow Weapons Bows A shimmering bow infused with sylic energy.
Venedic.png Venedic Weapons Spears The Adamantite Guard were an elite group of soldiers who protected the members of the royal family.
Winged Bow.png Winged Bow Weapons Bows Rain down angelic vengeance on the world.