Harvest Gloves

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Harvest Gloves
Harvest Gloves big.png
Category Armor
Sub Accessories
Tooltip Similar to the durable gloves farmers wear during harvest.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
Armor Stats
Special Attributes 20% chance to gain Gather TP
Enchantment Slots 1
Level to Equip 10
Ingredient Req.
Vine.png Vine 10
Cactus Seed.png Cactus Seed 10
Ashberry.png Ashberry 10
Surface Prod.
Syle Chamber.png Syle Chamber 1

You must obtain the Scroll of Harvest Gloves from the Researcher to craft this item.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Master Gloves.png Master Gloves Armor Accessories Perfectly tailored, strong and flexible gloves.