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Imbuing is the process of enhancing items. As you progress through the world some events are triggered which unlock Remna, which is a mysterious energy source that can be used to enhance items. This process of imbuing materials is quite simple. Drop remna into one slot, the material into another and you’re off! The two sources move inwards to the center and once they reach it the two items are converted into a higher quality material. For example, lumber imbued with remna creates refined lumber.

Any remna element type can be used for item imbuing – elements come into play in another upcoming system, Grafting. However, imbuing does take a minute so if you have a lot of materials to enhance, it might be worthwhile to get a few chambers up and running.

Name Type Description
Remna Fountain.png Remna Fountain Remna Capable of slowly accumulating Remna fragments to coalesce into a Remna Core.
Remna of Aegnix.png Remna of Aegnix Remna "My children fought with me against that senseless king. With their deaths so goes my heart." - Aegnix
Remna of Aeolus.png Remna of Aeolus Remna "Leave me out of this war, or I'll blow you away." - Aeolus
Remna of Amnis.png Remna of Amnis Remna "Ally or enemy, I will save whomever falls into my embrace." - Amnis
Remna of Blaze.png Remna of Blaze Remna "The shorter the time we have, the more we must let our passion blaze, like our father Aegnix." - Lorumite Warrior
Remna of Gale.png Remna of Gale Remna "We can always try to plan our lives, but we never know when a strong gale will uproot us." - Tetrea Baritus
Remna of Quake.png Remna of Quake Remna Of all the Aer, Silvan is the most generous with gifts, but from time to time he reminds us of his power.
Remna of Radiance.png Remna of Radiance Remna Is it said that at night Tentiat leaves his tower and walks among the Abeo, cloaked so that his radiance will not blind them.
Remna of Silvan.png Remna of Silvan Remna Silvan rewards those who are brave enough to delve into the deep places under the earth.
Remna of Tentiat.png Remna of Tentiat Remna Abeo grooms wear the symbol of Tentiat on their wedding robes as a symbol of faithfulness and reliability.
Remna of Torrent.png Remna of Torrent Remna "May Amnis be vigilant in the wake of your vessel." - Cigruf's Dockmaster.