Iron Ingot

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Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot big.png
Category Alchemy
Sub Smelting
Tooltip A bar of refined iron.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
110 1 99
Ingredient Req.
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore 5
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1
Looted From
24px Gildor

The second tier material, above Bronze Ingot and below Silver Ingot.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Adamantite Shield.png Adamantite Shield Armor Shields A strong shield made primarily of adamantite.
Adventurer's Mattock.png Adventurer's Mattock Tools Mattock A tool commonly carried by seasoned explorers.
Ancient Lockpick.png Ancient Lockpick Tools Miscellaneous
Artisan Gloves.png Artisan Gloves Armor Accessories These gloves were designed by a dedicated craftsman.
Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade Weapons Swords The blade has been permanently stained with blood.
Broadsword.png Broadsword Weapons Swords A sturdy sword forged from iron. It shows much potential.
Carpenter Tools.png Carpenter Tools Basics Essential tools for any carpenter.
Chandelier.png Chandelier Home Lighting An impressive way to light up a room.
Corium Shield.png Corium Shield Armor Shields Many blacksmiths failed to recreate the original prototype since corium is so difficult to smelt properly.
Dark Lockpick.png Dark Lockpick Tools Miscellaneous
Elida.png Elida Weapons Swords Completely encrusted in ice, this sword is a tribute to winter's deadly sting.
Ghost Lantern.png Ghost Lantern Home Lighting The shell of a ghost plant gives off an eerie light.
Grappler.png Grappler Tools Gadget Use to grapple to a wall or pull monsters towards you.
Greatsword.png Greatsword Weapons Swords Only great warriors are capable of wielding such a blade.
Halberd.png Halberd Weapons Spears Soldiers armed with halberds specialize in destroying enemy siege equipment.
Heavy Breeches.png Heavy Breeches Armor Legs Smithed from the finest iron in all of Resurra.
Heavy Chestplate.png Heavy Chestplate Armor Chest Few soldiers have the honor of wearing this armor and protecting their king.
Heavy Helm.png Heavy Helm Armor Head The Dantrest Crest is prominently centered over the forehead.
Hunting Bow.png Hunting Bow Weapons Bows Designed to strike fear into the hearts of monsters.
Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow Weapons Ammo Folktales are sung about the Agmore archers, who are considered heroes of the common man.
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear Weapons Spears The serrated point causes serious damage to monsters.
Katana.png Katana Weapons Swords The tip of the blade is permanently frosted with ice, making cuts excruciatingly painful.
Lobber.png Lobber Weapons Bows A heavy bow that sends arrows plummeting towards enemies.
Long Broadsword.png Long Broadsword Weapons Swords A fashionable sword with a long blade.
Rage Strike.png Rage Strike Weapons Spears The lopsided design makes this spear difficult to wield, but deadly in the hands of an expert.
Ranseur.png Ranseur Weapons Spears With a tusk for the middle point, and fangs for the side, this spear is truly beastly.
Recurve Bow.png Recurve Bow Weapons Bows A bow purely focused on maximizing damage.
Reinforced Shield.png Reinforced Shield Armor Shields In the light of Solunais, the polished shields of the Dantrest Army sparkled like a sea of fire.
Rune Shield.png Rune Shield Armor Shields Glowing runes are etched into the surface and then filled with molten syle core.
Shadow Bucket.png Shadow Bucket Tools Miscellaneous Shadowfolding fundamentally changed the transportion of goods.
Shield Decor.png Shield Decor Home Decoration A decorative shield lends an imposing feel to a room's decor.
Shinken.png Shinken Weapons Swords Crafted in a traditional style, but with an upgraded osmium handle.
Shinobi Zukin.png Shinobi Zukin Armor Head The zukin hood is a respected symbol of mystery and secrecy.
Smithing Tools.png Smithing Tools Basics
Spiked Shield.png Spiked Shield Armor Shields "In times of peace, I stand ready. In times of war, I stand in front of you." - Ode of the Shield
Studded Breeches.png Studded Breeches Armor Legs Commonly worn by motorcyclists and rock stars.
Studded Helm.png Studded Helm Armor Head A simple leather and metal helm sometimes assembled by rank-and-file soldiers.
Studded Vest.png Studded Vest Armor Chest The thick leather is comfortable yet strong.
Sturdy Shield.png Sturdy Shield Armor Shields A common shield used by villagers who have need of defending their homes.
Sylic Bomb.png Sylic Bomb Weapons Throwing Clevates invented the sylic bomb with the help of Eutress, and took that knowledge with him when he left her.
Sylic Wand.png Sylic Wand Weapons Wands A basic wand, just strong enough to channel syle energy.
Uchikatana.png Uchikatana Weapons Swords A sword that is completely frozen, yet stronger than ice.
Vanguard.png Vanguard Weapons Swords The ability to repel arrows is a useful ability on the battlefield.