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Leather big.png
Category Basics
Sub Essentials
Effect A tough and flexible material.
Tooltip So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
80 99
Ingredient Req.
Oil Clot.png Oil Clot 2
Hide.png Hide 1
Vine.png Vine 1
Wood.png Wood 1
Surface Prod.
File:TanningRack.png TanningRack
"TanningRack" is not in the list (Anvil, Carpenter Tools, Furnace, Hand, Imbuing Chamber, Ingot Mould, Smithing Tools, Tanning Rack, Workstation, Forge, ...) of allowed values for the "Has serviceRequired" property.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Agmore Breeches.png Agmore Breeches Armor Legs Even though most soldiers in the Agmore Brigade had only light training, they were at the frontline in the war.
Agmore Chestplate.png Agmore Chestplate Armor Chest Lightweight armor worn by the soldiers of the Agmore Brigade.
Agmore Helm.png Agmore Helm Armor Head Every soldier wore their helmet with pride while fighting for the Dantrest Empire.
Artisan Gloves.png Artisan Gloves Armor Accessories These gloves were designed by a dedicated craftsman.
Bow of Slaughter.png Bow of Slaughter Weapons Bows A fearsome, hulking bow,
Broadsword.png Broadsword Weapons Swords A sturdy sword forged from iron. It shows much potential.
Cartographer Outfit.png Cartographer Outfit Basics Outfits The scholarly uniform of one who studies in the cartographer's guild.
Combat Gloves.png Combat Gloves Armor Accessories Tough and sturdy gloves, ready for battle.
Dungeoneer Outfit.png Dungeoneer Outfit Basics Outfits The sturdy outfit of one who works building dungeons for adventurers.
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear Weapons Spears The serrated point causes serious damage to monsters.
Quiver.png Quiver Weapons Ammo Never worry about running out of arrows again! Just fill one up!
Researcher Outfit.png Researcher Outfit Basics Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Scavenger Outfit.png Scavenger Outfit Basics Outfits The well-worn outfit of one who travels throughout Crea, hunting for lost valuables.
Scholar Outfit.png Scholar Outfit Basics Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Studded Breeches.png Studded Breeches Armor Legs Commonly worn by motorcyclists and rock stars.
Studded Helm.png Studded Helm Armor Head A simple leather and metal helm sometimes assembled by rank-and-file soldiers.
Studded Vest.png Studded Vest Armor Chest The thick leather is comfortable yet strong.
Sturdy Shield.png Sturdy Shield Armor Shields A common shield used by villagers who have need of defending their homes.
Sylic Gloves.png Sylic Gloves Armor Accessories Sylic energy is woven into the fabric of these gloves.
File:Target Dummy.png Target Dummy Home Decoration