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Lumber big.png
Category Basics
Sub Essentials
Effect Refined wood, ready for crafting.
Tooltip Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Crea.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
10 99
Ingredient Req.
Wood.png Wood 1

Lumber is a byproduct of normal Wood. You can craft lumber by hand. Lumber is one of the most used Materials in the game. Many Items use Lumber in its recipe.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Adventurer's Mattock.png Adventurer's Mattock Tools Mattock A tool commonly carried by seasoned explorers.
Agmore Bow.png Agmore Bow Weapons Bows The archers of the Agmore brigade were crucial in fighting flying monsters during the war.
Alatrian Bed.png Alatrian Bed Home Furniture An extravant bed, as might be found in the bedchambers of the royal palace.
Alatrian Chair.png Alatrian Chair Home Furniture Beautifully carved in polished wood.
Alatrian Nightstand.png Alatrian Nightstand Home Furniture The Alatrian style of furniture, which was preferred by Alatro Baritus, is known for its opulent elegance.
Alatrian Table.png Alatrian Table Home Furniture A table worthy of a rich feast.
Altar.png Altar Home Furniture Show off where you like to keep your valuables!
Antlers.png Antlers Home Decoration A symbol of good fortune for hunters.
Apprentice Wand.png Apprentice Wand Weapons Wands A wand for the aspiring mage.
Bed.png Bed Home Furniture Here to welcome tired explorers at the end of the day.
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword Weapons Swords The blade is made of a single sharpened bone.
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf Home Decoration Adds a little culture to the room.
Bouncy Block.png Bouncy Block Home Building An unusual substance that allows for extra-high jumping.
Carpenter Tools.png Carpenter Tools Basics Essential tools for any carpenter.
Chair.png Chair Home Furniture Not recommended for keeping monsters at bay.
Door.png Door Home Building May Gildor guard your threshold.
Dresser.png Dresser Home Furniture The great tree of Atrea is a favorite motif for Abeo homes.
Dresser Of Death.png Dresser Of Death Home Furniture A dresser for those who are not afraid of the darkness of Altenna.
Dresser of Death.png Dresser of Death Home Furniture A dresser for those who are not afraid of the darkness of Altenna.
Fireplace.png Fireplace Home Decoration Hail Aegnix, keeper of the flame that warms our homes.
Forge.png Forge Basics Stations An essential to every smith's workshop enabling ore smelting and metal shaping. Can be enhanced with attachments.
File:Globe.png Globe Home Decoration A miniature globe of Crea scaled down to 1:41,777,000. Primarily used as a statues symbol.
Gold Arrow.png Gold Arrow Weapons Ammo These arrows look like shafts of sunlight flying through the air.
Gold Chest.png Gold Chest Basics Storage As the Abeos began to prosper they started caring about appearances.
Hunting Bow.png Hunting Bow Weapons Bows Designed to strike fear into the hearts of monsters.
Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow Weapons Ammo Folktales are sung about the Agmore archers, who are considered heroes of the common man.
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear Weapons Spears The serrated point causes serious damage to monsters.
Large Gold Chest.png Large Gold Chest Basics Storage Abeos engrave Gildor's symbol into every chest.
Large Silver Chest.png Large Silver Chest Basics Storage As Abeo started to collect more and more things they need a larger amount of storage.
Lorumite Bed.png Lorumite Bed Home Furniture May you sleep surrounded by the bounty of Silvan's blessings.
Lorumite Chair.png Lorumite Chair Home Furniture The seat is craftily woven from flexible leaves.
Lorumite Column.png Lorumite Column Home Building Twisting, rustic woodworking is the pride of Lorumite architecture.
Lorumite Dresser.png Lorumite Dresser Home Furniture The Lorumite people are known for respect for the natural world, which reflects in all their crafts and culture.
Lorumite Lamp.png Lorumite Lamp Home Lighting A lamp made of a preserved Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Nightstand.png Lorumite Nightstand Home Furniture A charming nightstand made of a single tree stump.
Lorumite Table.png Lorumite Table Home Furniture Lorumite craftsmen pride themselves on preserving the natural shapes and textures of the materials they use.
Lorumite Table Lamp.png Lorumite Table Lamp Home Lighting The light from the lamp brings out the fresh fragrance of the Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Wall.png Lorumite Wall Home Building A wall with hints of roots and leaves.
Makeshift Tool.png Makeshift Tool Tools Mattock A rock tied to a stick with a vine.
Mannequin.png Mannequin Home Furniture A plain mannequin, useful for displaying outfits or sets of armor.
Nightstand.png Nightstand Home Furniture The perfect height for placing next to a bed.
File:Nightstand Of Death.png Nightstand Of Death Home Furniture Keep your friends close, keep the bones of your enemies closer.
Nightstand of Death.png Nightstand of Death Home Furniture Keep your friends close, keep the bones of your enemies closer.
Novice Spear.png Novice Spear Weapons Spears A basic spear, used by new trainees.
Osmium Mattock.png Osmium Mattock Tools Mattock Used for chopping and digging
Painting.png Painting Home Decoration Bring a little art into your home
Paper.png Paper Basics Essentials Abeo developed paper very quickly since they were always recording their progress on shaping Crea.
Paper Screens.png Paper Screens Home Building Decorative, hand-painted screens featuring traditional motifs.
Pioneer Mattock.png Pioneer Mattock Tools Mattock Slightly stronger than stone, but still heavy to carry.
Platform.png Platform Basics Essentials Provides a stable surface for explorer's feet.

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