Magarm Fragment

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Magarm Fragment
Magarm Fragment big.png
Tooltip Gildor's shield, Magarm guards against all spells.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
250 25 99
Looted From
24px Gildor

Name Category Subcategory Description
Accel Wand.png Accel Wand Weapons Wands Mages are generally kept near the back of the army, so wands with a long weapon range are valuable.
Corium Shield.png Corium Shield Armor Shields Many blacksmiths failed to recreate the original prototype since corium is so difficult to smelt properly.
Flechette Bow.png Flechette Bow Weapons Bows A mysterious bow that duplicates arrows in mid-air.
Laevin Wand.png Laevin Wand Weapons Wands A well-trained Laevin Corps can transform a regular army into an unstoppable force.
Penta Killer.png Penta Killer Weapons Bows Some say that Lyla the Eagle-Eyed must have been one of the great ones whose remna are not scattered after death.
Tutela Virge.png Tutela Virge Weapons Wands A defensive wand
Vanguard.png Vanguard Weapons Swords The ability to repel arrows is a useful ability on the battlefield.
Warden Bascinet.png Warden Bascinet Armor Head The Warden have eyes everywhere.
Warden Cuirass.png Warden Cuirass Armor Chest Much like the criminals they seek, the Warden act outside the law and stop at nothing to finish their job.
Warden Tassets.png Warden Tassets Armor Legs 'Once a Sentry, always a Sentry' - that is, unless you catch the Warden's attention.