Marshmallow Seed

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Marshmallow Seed
Marshmallow Seed big.png
Effect Used to plant marshmallow trees.
Tooltip Children eagerly await the blossoming marshmallow trees in spring.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
20 99
Looted From
Marshmallow Tree.png Marshmallow Tree

Name Category Subcategory Description
Alatrian Bed.png Alatrian Bed Home Furniture An extravant bed, as might be found in the bedchambers of the royal palace.
Alatrian Chair.png Alatrian Chair Home Furniture Beautifully carved in polished wood.
Bamboo Bed.png Bamboo Bed Home Furniture Just because bamboo furniture is light weight, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be comfortable.
Bamboo Chair.png Bamboo Chair Home Furniture Bamboo furniture is prized by nomadic merchants for its light weight and flexibility.
Bed.png Bed Home Furniture Here to welcome tired explorers at the end of the day.
Bone Bed.png Bone Bed Home Furniture Sweet dreams.
Chair.png Chair Home Furniture Not recommended for keeping monsters at bay.
Guardian Bascinet.png Guardian Bascinet Armor Head With their mounted horns, the Guardians looked more beast than man - perhaps they were.
Guardian Cuirass.png Guardian Cuirass Armor Chest Few came from Lacierra to aid in the war, but the Guardians were among them.
Guardian Tassets.png Guardian Tassets Armor Legs The Guardians could be easily spotted in a battlefield towering over their allies.
Health Potion.png Health Potion Recipes Alchemy Restores a small amount of HP
Lance.png Lance Weapons Spears During the war, lancers were especially effective at fighting flying monsters.
Lorumite Bed.png Lorumite Bed Home Furniture May you sleep surrounded by the bounty of Silvan's blessings.
Percuro Arc.png Percuro Arc Weapons Bows Designed by Sano, this bow heals its targets rather than harming them.