Oak Seed

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Oak Seed
Oak Seed big.png
Effect Used to plant oak trees.
Tooltip Oak trees are some of the oldest life forms on the surface of Crea.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
20 99
Looted From
Oak Tree.png Oak Tree

Name Category Subcategory Description
Divine Virge.png Divine Virge Weapons Wands A wand often given as a gift to apprentice mages upon completing their first set of trials.
Guardian Bascinet.png Guardian Bascinet Armor Head With their mounted horns, the Guardians looked more beast than man - perhaps they were.
Guardian Cuirass.png Guardian Cuirass Armor Chest Few came from Lacierra to aid in the war, but the Guardians were among them.
Guardian Tassets.png Guardian Tassets Armor Legs The Guardians could be easily spotted in a battlefield towering over their allies.
Health Potion.png Health Potion Recipes Alchemy Restores a small amount of HP
File:Weathered Tree.png Weathered Tree Home Decoration