Oil Clot

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Oil Clot
Oil Clot big.png
Effect A large dollop of oil. Useful for crafting.
Tooltip Oil slimes at first had a fierce name to go along with their creation, however Abeo started calling them by their current name since they produce so much oil.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
20 99
Looted From
Paragon Oil Slime.png Paragon Oil Slime
Telin.png Telin

Name Category Subcategory Description
Agmore Breeches.png Agmore Breeches Armor Legs Even though most soldiers in the Agmore Brigade had only light training, they were at the frontline in the war.
Candelabra.png Candelabra Home Lighting Only wealthy Abeo are able to afford enough candles to light these beautiful candelabras.
Candle.png Candle Home Lighting Cleaner and less smelly than torches, candles are preferred by the wealthy.
File:Globe.png Globe Home Decoration A miniature globe of Crea scaled down to 1:41,777,000. Primarily used as a statues symbol.
Leather.png Leather Basics Essentials So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Oil Pudding.png Oil Pudding Alchemy Cooking A truly aquired taste.
Painting.png Painting Home Decoration Bring a little art into your home
Research Desk.png Research Desk Basics Stations Papers filled with notes are scattered about.
Researcher Outfit.png Researcher Outfit Basics Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Sticky Bomb.png Sticky Bomb Weapons Throwing It wasn't long after bombs were introduced to Abeo society, that someone thought to drench one in sticky oil clots.
Sticky Glow Ball.png Sticky Glow Ball Weapons Throwing A creation discovered by a miner when he witnessed an oil slime and a glow bat kill each other.
File:Stripe Wallpaper.png Stripe Wallpaper Home Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
Stripes Wallpaper.png Stripes Wallpaper Home Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
Studded Breeches.png Studded Breeches Armor Legs Commonly worn by motorcyclists and rock stars.
Torch.png Torch Basics Essentials Peasants use these crude torches to light their way.
File:Vine Wallpaper.png Vine Wallpaper Home Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
Vines Wallpaper.png Vines Wallpaper Home Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
File:Wall Map.png Wall Map Home Decoration A giant map perfect for an empty wall.