Osmium Ingot

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Osmium Ingot
Osmium Ingot big.png
Category Alchemy
Sub Smelting
Tooltip A bar of refined osmium.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
460 6 99
Ingredient Req.
Osmium Ore.png Osmium Ore 5
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1

Name Category Subcategory Description
Accel Wand.png Accel Wand Weapons Wands Mages are generally kept near the back of the army, so wands with a long weapon range are valuable.
Bejeweled Mattock.png Bejeweled Mattock Tools Gems of different colors are inlaid along this mattock, making it appear more like a piece of art than a tool.
Critical Blade.png Critical Blade Weapons Swords A skilled swordsman needs fewer swings.
Dark Lockpick.png Dark Lockpick Tools Miscellaneous
Eternal War.png Eternal War Weapons Spears The Beserkers of the Dantrest army were feared even by their own generals.
Etheous Sword.png Etheous Sword Weapons Swords The powers of all the Aer originally came from Etheous, the Companion.
Flow.png Flow Weapons Spears An elegant, lightweight spear designed for quick attacks.
Osmium Arrow.png Osmium Arrow Weapons Ammo The preferred arrow of Lyla the Eagle-Eyed.
Osmium Mattock.png Osmium Mattock Tools Mattock Used for chopping and digging
File:Osmium Shield.png Osmium Shield Armor Shields Forged from pure osmium, this shield provides its bearer a tenacious defense.
Overload Bow.png Overload Bow Weapons Bows This bow is specially designed to infuse syle energy into the arrows.
Penta Killer.png Penta Killer Weapons Bows Some say that Lyla the Eagle-Eyed must have been one of the great ones whose remna are not scattered after death.
Poison Spear (Lv50).png Poison Spear (Lv50) Weapons Spears A spear made from the tail of a zabis, with the venomous stinger intact
Strider Breeches.png Strider Breeches Armor Legs Striders are highly regarded for their speed and endurance.
Strider Helm.png Strider Helm Armor Head On the battlefield, striders are often placed in the front line, to intimidate the enemy.
Tress.png Tress Weapons Swords Syle is the energy that is contained throughout all living things in Crea.
Ventella.png Ventella Weapons Swords May the wind always be at your back - Archer's Blessing
Warden Bascinet.png Warden Bascinet Armor Head The Warden have eyes everywhere.
Warden Cuirass.png Warden Cuirass Armor Chest Much like the criminals they seek, the Warden act outside the law and stop at nothing to finish their job.
Warden Tassets.png Warden Tassets Armor Legs 'Once a Sentry, always a Sentry' - that is, unless you catch the Warden's attention.
Windancer.png Windancer Weapons Spears The name of Aeolus is etched on the handle.