Penta Killer

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Penta Killer
Penta Killer big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Bows
Effect With enough power the fired arrow can split into 5 arrows which can then split into even more arrows.
Tooltip Some say that Lyla the Eagle-Eyed must have been one of the great ones whose remna are not scattered after death.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
400 40
Weapon Stats
Power 33-37
Special Attributes The shot splits into an additional 4 shots after a moment
Enchantment Slots 2
Level to Equip 44
Ingredient Req.
Purified Syle Core.png Purified Syle Core 4
Purified Leather.png Purified Leather 3
Purified Vine.png Purified Vine 6
Osmium Ingot.png Osmium Ingot 5
Magarm Fragment.png Magarm Fragment 2
Surface Prod.
Workstation.png Workstation 1