Premium Leather

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Premium Leather
Premium Leather big.png
Effect A tough and flexible material.
Tooltip So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
160 99

Name Category Subcategory Description
Empowered Bow.png Empowered Bow Weapons Bows Extremely thick and heavy, few archers are able to wield such bows.
File:Illusory Helm.png Illusory Helm Armor Head Being a trade culture, Tantas had no need for an army before the Tetrea War.
Illusory Leggings.png Illusory Leggings Armor Legs The Tantas government was reluctant to aid in the war, but did not want to become an enemy of the Dantrest Empire.
Illusory Shroud.png Illusory Shroud Armor Chest Tantas formed an army overnight and made this their official soldier uniform.
Mystic Hood.png Mystic Hood Armor Head The mystics are generally uninterested in the petty politics of the Syle Corps.
Sentinel Cuirass.png Sentinel Cuirass Armor Chest Each Sentry recruit must endure three years of training before taking their watch.
Sentinel Tassets.png Sentinel Tassets Armor Legs Once unruly, Cigruf is now renowned for its low crime thanks to the Sentry.
Sentinel Zischagge.png Sentinel Zischagge Armor Head On ceremony day, the Sentry recruit is fitted with his own Zischagge.
Stinger.png Stinger Weapons Swords A huge blade with a razor-like sharpness, useful for piercing even the toughest armor.