Premium Lumber

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Premium Lumber
Premium Lumber big.png
Effect Refined wood, ready for crafting.
Tooltip Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Crea.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bloodlust.png Bloodlust Weapons Spears A double-bladed spear that comes with a pre-impaled skull.
Guardian Bascinet.png Guardian Bascinet Armor Head With their mounted horns, the Guardians looked more beast than man - perhaps they were.
Guardian Cuirass.png Guardian Cuirass Armor Chest Few came from Lacierra to aid in the war, but the Guardians were among them.
Guardian Tassets.png Guardian Tassets Armor Legs The Guardians could be easily spotted in a battlefield towering over their allies.
Impede Bow.png Impede Bow Weapons Bows Before she fell in the war, Lyla the Eagle-Eyed was said to have shot down hundreds of monsters.
Osmium Arrow.png Osmium Arrow Weapons Ammo The preferred arrow of Lyla the Eagle-Eyed.
Reccutio Virge.png Reccutio Virge Weapons Wands This wand emanates rejuvenating energy.
Tutela Virge.png Tutela Virge Weapons Wands A defensive wand
War Glaive.png War Glaive Weapons Spears A specially crafted spear used by army officers.