Purified Ectoplasm

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Purified Ectoplasm
File:Purified Ectoplasm big.png
Effect A gooey substance left by supernatural beings.
Tooltip A material heavily favored when creating equipment to enhance spell casting, since it acts as a conductor for sylic energy.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
200 99
Looted From
Harvester.png Harvester

Name Category Subcategory Description
Accel Wand.png Accel Wand Weapons Wands Mages are generally kept near the back of the army, so wands with a long weapon range are valuable.
Blood Tide.png Blood Tide Weapons Spears A spear that hungers for death.
Intensity Rod.png Intensity Rod Weapons Wands Many mages consider this wand to be a weapon of last resort.
Quintum Rod.png Quintum Rod Weapons Wands Respect for Crea is the first principle of the Path of Mages.
Syle Corps Hood.png Syle Corps Hood Armor Head Every Abeo child dreams of being chosen for the elite Syle Corps, but only the most talented and intelligent youngsters are so honored.
Syle Corps Leggings.png Syle Corps Leggings Armor Legs When talent scouts for the Syle Corps visit villages, they are treated with the utmost hospitality.
Syle Corps Robe.png Syle Corps Robe Armor Chest Ancient runes of protection and power are embroidered into the robes of every Corps member.