Purified Oil Clot

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Purified Oil Clot
File:Purified Oil Clot big.png
Effect A large dollop of oil. Useful for crafting.
Tooltip Oil slimes at first had a fierce name to go along with their creation, however Abeo started calling them by their current name since they produce so much oil.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
200 99
Looted From
Oil Slime.png Oil Slime
Paragon Oil Slime.png Paragon Oil Slime
Telin.png Telin

Name Category Subcategory Description
Strider Breeches.png Strider Breeches Armor Legs Striders are highly regarded for their speed and endurance.
Strider Chestplate.png Strider Chestplate Armor Chest Despite its impressive size and appearance, strider armor is lightweight and designed to allow the wearer to move with ease.
Strider Helm.png Strider Helm Armor Head On the battlefield, striders are often placed in the front line, to intimidate the enemy.