Refined Incense

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Refined Incense
Refined Incense big.png
Tooltip Vengeful spirit, calm your soul and pass on, for the path to Altenna has been reopened!" - Priestess of Sano
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Harvester.png Harvester

Name Category Subcategory Description
Acus Wand.png Acus Wand Weapons Wands A powerful wand stained green from adamantite and cactus.
Divine Virge.png Divine Virge Weapons Wands A wand often given as a gift to apprentice mages upon completing their first set of trials.
Mintus Rod.png Mintus Rod Weapons Wands Conservation of Syle is the second principle of the Path of Mages.
Poison Spear (Lv20).png Poison Spear (Lv20) Weapons Spears A spear made from the tail of a zabis, with the venomous stinger intact
Sear Bow.png Sear Bow Weapons Bows Shoots arrows that deplete the target's syle energy.
Spectral Armor.png Spectral Armor Armor Chest Some rogue mages have split off from the Syle Corps, and have devised recipes for advanced armor from unusual materials.