Refined Leather

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Refined Leather
Refined Leather big.png
Effect A tough and flexible material.
Tooltip So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
110 99

Name Category Subcategory Description
Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade Weapons Swords The blade has been permanently stained with blood.
Beast Breeches.png Beast Breeches Armor Legs Throughout the years the design has changed very little, but the biggest innovation is the Ortomi's tongue. The extra padding does wonders.
Beast Chestplate.png Beast Chestplate Armor Chest Every warrior must hunt for and craft their own armor.
Beast Helm.png Beast Helm Armor Head With the abundance of creatures on Tantas, the required materials are not hard to come by. And yes, many monsters were harmed (severely) in the making of this armor.
Glaive.png Glaive Weapons Spears A curved iron blade with a ruby ring where the blade meets the pole.
Horned Helm.png Horned Helm Armor Head General Gallant commanded the Dantrest army long before the war ever started.
Light Breeches.png Light Breeches Armor Legs Once a year, a few select monks leave the monastery confines to seek funding from powerful allies.
Light Doublet.png Light Doublet Armor Chest Upon arriving at the monastery, men shed their former lives and clothing and receive their official robes.
Light Hood.png Light Hood Armor Head Atop mount Lumuto, a wondrous monastery sits where the monks dedicate their lives to Sano.
Long Broadsword.png Long Broadsword Weapons Swords A fashionable sword with a long blade.
Sabre.png Sabre Weapons Swords Capable of parrying most melee attacks.
Sano's Gorget (Lv20).png Sano's Gorget (Lv20) Armor Accessories Blessed by Sano, this gorget provides great protection
Spiked Tassets.png Spiked Tassets Armor Legs General Gallant met his untimely demise during the Battle of Mortagus - as all too many soldiers did.
Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20).png Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20) Armor Accessories One of the most feared beasts on the face of Crea, their anger even causes Silvan to tremble.
Thornmail.png Thornmail Armor Chest Known for his fearless tactics, General Gallant ensured he was always at the forefront of every battle.