Remna Fountain

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Remna Fountain
Remna Fountain big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Type: Placeable
Effect Every 30 minutes it will be ready to generate 1 Remna Core upon activation.
Tooltip Capable of slowly accumulating Remna fragments to coalesce into a Remna Core.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
900 90
Ingredient Req.
Corrupted Remna.png Corrupted Remna 2
Remna of Aegnix.png Remna of Aegnix 2
Remna of Aeolus.png Remna of Aeolus 2
Remna of Amnis.png Remna of Amnis 2
Remna of Silvan.png Remna of Silvan 2
Remna of Tentiat.png Remna of Tentiat 2