Remna of Fire

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Remna of Fire
Remna of Fire big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Material Sub-Type: Remna (tier 1)
Tooltip "Caretaker of Fire, we your humble servants will always await for your return from your slumber." - Lorumite Elder
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
50 99
Looted From
Aegnite.png Aegnite
Harvester.png Harvester
Paragon Aegnite.png Paragon Aegnite
Paragon Torrend.png Paragon Torrend
Torrend.png Torrend

Name Category Subcategory Description
Imbuing Chamber.png Imbuing Chamber Basics Stations Capable of breaking down pure Remna and imbuing materials to strengthen them.
Remna of Blaze.png Remna of Blaze Basics Remna "The shorter the time we have, the more we must let our passion blaze, like our father Aegnix." - Lorumite Warrior