Remna of Gale

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Remna of Gale
Remna of Gale big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Tooltip "We can always try to plan our lives, but we never know when a strong gale will uproot us." - Tetrea Baritus
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Ingredient Req.
Remna of Wind.png Remna of Wind 3
Looted From
Ortomi.png Ortomi
Paragon Ortomi.png Paragon Ortomi
Paragon Quaridin.png Paragon Quaridin
Quaridin.png Quaridin
Venfear.png Venfear

Name Category Subcategory Description
Aersword.png Aersword Weapons Swords Each section of this sword has been blessed by a different Aer, rendering it incredibly powerful.
Condensed Chaos.png Condensed Chaos Basics Essentials Imbued with the power of Remna, this chaos is capable of further corrupting even the strongest creatures.
Remna of Aeolus.png Remna of Aeolus Basics Remna "Leave me out of this war, or I'll blow you away." - Aeolus
Skystrider.png Skystrider Weapons Spears Grants the wearer special jumping abilities.