Remna of Torrent

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Remna of Torrent
Remna of Torrent big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Tooltip "May Amnis be vigilant in the wake of your vessel." - Cigruf's Dockmaster.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Ingredient Req.
Remna of Water.png Remna of Water 3
Looted From
Amone.png Amone
Cenfen.png Cenfen
Eltret.png Eltret
Iferos.png Iferos

Name Category Subcategory Description
Aersword.png Aersword Weapons Swords Each section of this sword has been blessed by a different Aer, rendering it incredibly powerful.
Condensed Chaos.png Condensed Chaos Basics Essentials Imbued with the power of Remna, this chaos is capable of further corrupting even the strongest creatures.
Remna of Amnis.png Remna of Amnis Basics Remna "Ally or enemy, I will save whomever falls into my embrace." - Amnis
Uchikatana.png Uchikatana Weapons Swords A sword that is completely frozen, yet stronger than ice.