Remna of Wind

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Remna of Wind
Remna of Wind big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Material Sub-Type: Remna (tier 1)
Tooltip "Travel with Aeolus, so his winds will always be at your back." - Southern Trinity Guild Leader
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
50 99
Looted From
Ortomi.png Ortomi
Paragon Ortomi.png Paragon Ortomi
Paragon Quaridin.png Paragon Quaridin
Quaridin.png Quaridin
Venfear.png Venfear

Name Category Subcategory Description
Imbuing Chamber.png Imbuing Chamber Basics Stations Capable of breaking down pure Remna and imbuing materials to strengthen them.
Remna of Gale.png Remna of Gale Basics Remna "We can always try to plan our lives, but we never know when a strong gale will uproot us." - Tetrea Baritus