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Sano big.png
Class Creature
Hostile? True
Biomes Forgotten Shrine
Item Quantity (% Chance)
Feather.png feather

0 (30%)
1 (10%)
2 (30%)
3 (30%)

Sano's Gorget.png Sano's Gorget

0 (80%)
1 (20%)

Sano's Horn.png Sano's Horn

0 (30%)
1 (50%)
2 (20%)

Silk.png Silk

0 (20%)
1 (50%)
2 (30%)

Dantrest Medallion Top Piece.png Dantrest Medallion Top Piece

0 (100%)

Sano is the first boss in Crea. Once you have discovered enough Way Crystals around the world, the Forgotten Shrine will appear as a possible Way Crystal destination. This is where you fight her.

When Sano first appears she will have a shield around her. While the shield is around her, ranged attacks will do no damage, and entering the shield area will cause the player damage. She will attack with a glowing sphere that follows the player and does constant damage, and a boomerang that homes in on the player and behaves similarly to the one used by the Harvester. She may also shoot a low-range bullet, which will turn into Oil Slime after hitting ground.

Boss Spoilers

  • You must force the boomerang to hit Sano's shield which will damage her. Her shield goes down temporarily, opening her up to attack.
  • In this form she will shoot out a lot of poisoned projectiles, but can be attacked with ranged weapons. When her health is low, her projectiles will double.
  • Dantrest Medallion Top Piece is a 100% drop when Condensed Chaos is used before interacting with the summon altar.