Sano (Boss)

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Sano big.png
Class Creature
Hostile? True
Biomes Forgotten Shrine
Item Quantity (% Chance)
Sano's Horn.png Sano's Horn
Contained Chaos.png Contained Chaos
Feather.png Feather
Cloth.png Cloth
Sano's Gorget.png Sano's Gorget

Sano is the first boss in Crea. You can fight Sano once per in-game day cycle. Once you have discovered enough Way Crystals around the world, you will be able to travel to the Forgotten Shrine to fight her. The Forgotten Shrine will appear as a possible destination when you use a Way Crystal.

When Sano first appears she will have a shield around her. While the shield is around her, ranged attacks will do no damage, and entering the shield area will cause the player damage. She will attack with a glowing sphere that follows the player and does constant damage, and a boomerang that homes in on the player and behaves similarly to the one used by the Harvester.

Boss Spoilers

  • You must force the boomerang to hit Sano's shield which will damage her. Her shield goes down temporarily, opening her up to attack.
  • In this form she will shoot out a lot of poisoned projectiles, but can be attacked with ranged weapons. When her health is low, her projectiles will double.