Sear Bow

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Sear Bow
Sear Bow big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Bows
Tooltip Shoots arrows that deplete the target's syle energy.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
250 25
Weapon Stats
Power 50-54
Special Attributes [[Has Weapon_Special::[20 - 30]% chance to inflict Lv1 Burn]]
Enchantment Slots 2
Level to Equip 25
Ingredient Req.
Refined Lumber.png Refined Lumber 4
Refined Sinew.png Refined Sinew 3
Refined Incense.png Refined Incense 4
Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shard 8
Surface Prod.
Syle Chamber.png Syle Chamber 1