Silver Ingot

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Silver Ingot
Silver Ingot big.png
Category Alchemy
Sub Smelting
Tooltip A bar of refined silver.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
180 2 99
Ingredient Req.
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore 5
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1
Looted From
24px Gildor

The third tier material, above Iron Ingot and below Gold Ingot.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Agmore Bow.png Agmore Bow Weapons Bows The archers of the Agmore brigade were crucial in fighting flying monsters during the war.
Agmore Breeches.png Agmore Breeches Armor Legs Even though most soldiers in the Agmore Brigade had only light training, they were at the frontline in the war.
Agmore Chestplate.png Agmore Chestplate Armor Chest Lightweight armor worn by the soldiers of the Agmore Brigade.
Agmore Helm.png Agmore Helm Armor Head Every soldier wore their helmet with pride while fighting for the Dantrest Empire.
Agmore Spear.png Agmore Spear Weapons Spears A simple and sturdy spear used by Agmore soliders.
Agmore Sword.png Agmore Sword Weapons Swords Standard issue for the Agmore soldier.
Agmore Wand.png Agmore Wand Weapons Wands The mages of the Agmore brigade were used mostly as support, but were essential nonetheless.
Alatrian Nightstand.png Alatrian Nightstand Home Furniture The Alatrian style of furniture, which was preferred by Alatro Baritus, is known for its opulent elegance.
Alatrian Table.png Alatrian Table Home Furniture A table worthy of a rich feast.
Artisan Broadsword.png Artisan Broadsword Weapons Swords A fine sword forged with beautiful detailing.
Chandelier.png Chandelier Home Lighting An impressive way to light up a room.
Heavy Breeches.png Heavy Breeches Armor Legs Smithed from the finest iron in all of Resurra.
Heavy Chestplate.png Heavy Chestplate Armor Chest Few soldiers have the honor of wearing this armor and protecting their king.
Heavy Helm.png Heavy Helm Armor Head The Dantrest Crest is prominently centered over the forehead.
Invisible Grappler.png Invisible Grappler Tools Gadget A thin, simple grappler that fires very quickly.
File:Invisible Silver.png Invisible Silver Tools A thin, simple grappler that fires very quickly.
Large Silver Chest.png Large Silver Chest Basics Storage As Abeo started to collect more and more things they need a larger amount of storage.
Light Breeches.png Light Breeches Armor Legs Once a year, a few select monks leave the monastery confines to seek funding from powerful allies.
Light Doublet.png Light Doublet Armor Chest Upon arriving at the monastery, men shed their former lives and clothing and receive their official robes.
Light Hood.png Light Hood Armor Head Atop mount Lumuto, a wondrous monastery sits where the monks dedicate their lives to Sano.
Moonbeam.png Moonbeam Weapons Swords A blade that shimmers with a magical light.
Ranseur.png Ranseur Weapons Spears With a tusk for the middle point, and fangs for the side, this spear is truly beastly.
Rapier.png Rapier Weapons Swords Refined and artful, but quick as lightning.
Reinforced Shield.png Reinforced Shield Armor Shields In the light of Solunais, the polished shields of the Dantrest Army sparkled like a sea of fire.
Scholar Outfit.png Scholar Outfit Basics Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Silver Arrow.png Silver Arrow Weapons Ammo The arrows fell like a deadly silver rain upon the Aers' monster army.
Silver Chest.png Silver Chest Basics Storage During winter festivals, children carry these small chests to collect gifts.
Silver Lockpick.png Silver Lockpick Tools Miscellaneous Lockpicking is often seen as a crime against Gildor.
Small Tapestry.png Small Tapestry Home Decoration An artful depiction of a quaridin in shimmering silver thread.
Spectral Armor.png Spectral Armor Armor Chest Some rogue mages have split off from the Syle Corps, and have devised recipes for advanced armor from unusual materials.
Spectral Hood.png Spectral Hood Armor Head Because of the unpredictable nature of the ingredients, the Head Mages of the Syle Corps forbid using spectral ingredients for armor.
Spectral Pants.png Spectral Pants Armor Legs Most rogue mages choose to forgo the heavy robes of the Syle Corps, instead preferring more practical pants.
Spiked Shield.png Spiked Shield Armor Shields "In times of peace, I stand ready. In times of war, I stand in front of you." - Ode of the Shield
Spiked Tassets.png Spiked Tassets Armor Legs General Gallant met his untimely demise during the Battle of Mortagus - as all too many soldiers did.
Sylic Blade.png Sylic Blade Weapons Swords A gold-syle alloy endows this blade with a magical attack.
Sylic Mattock.png Sylic Mattock Tools Mattock An embedded syle core gives this mattock an unusual strength.
Tress.png Tress Weapons Swords Syle is the energy that is contained throughout all living things in Crea.
Zephyr.png Zephyr Weapons Swords A sword with a crossguard carved like magnificent wings.