Spirit Mattock

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Spirit Mattock
Spirit Mattock big.png
Category Tools
"Mattocks" is not in the list (Accessories, Ammo, Bows, Chest, Cooking, Decoration, Drops, Essentials, Furniture, Hands, ...) of allowed values for the "Has subcategory" property.
Tooltip Many rumors circulate as to Tarum Timirum's ultimate fate.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
300 30
Level to Equip 30
Ingredient Req.
Premium Carapace.png Premium Carapace 4
Premium Ectoplasm.png Premium Ectoplasm 3
Premium Incense.png Premium Incense 4
Corium Ingot.png Corium Ingot 3
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1