Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20)

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Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20)
Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20) big.png
Category Armor
Sub Accessories
Effect Taken from the Stagara Horde Realm. These boots create strong pillars at your feet.
Tooltip One of the most feared beasts on the face of Crea, their anger even causes Silvan to tremble.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
Armor Stats
Special Attributes Creates pillars of (30-40) power
Potential Attributes 0-4
Level to Equip 20
Ingredient Req.
Stegara's Rampage Boots.png Stegara's Rampage Boots 1
Refined Leather.png Refined Leather 4
Stone.png Stone 15
Remna of Earth.png Remna of Earth 4
Contained Chaos.png Contained Chaos 4
Surface Prod.
Syle Chamber.png Syle Chamber 1