Mod form

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This is the "Mod form" template. Please use this by first filling out the Form:Mod form.

It should be called in the following format:

{{Mod form
| name = Name of the entity
| modverion = Current version # for the mod	
| modcompatible = Which version # of Crea the mod is compatible with
| modtype = Item/Biome/Realm/Entity/Mechanic/Misc
| moddesc = Brief description about the mod
| modcreator = Author of the mod
| modlink = a link to the forum thread
| moddown = download link
pagedetail1 = information about the item outside of the infobox. Includes other sections. If there is a crafting recipe, don't make this section too long. If you have something after the crafting recipe, use the second section.