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Vine big.png
Effect A long, curly piece of vine.
Tooltip Vines conceal the doorways to the underworld.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
10 999

Vines commonly grow on the ceiling of surface caves. Vines grow quickly and can be cut down to use on various items.

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bone Bow.png Bone Bow Weapons Bows "There is no death, only a great reunion." - Nathin the last priest
Bone Mattock.png Bone Mattock Tools Mattock Bone makes for a relatively lightweight tool.
Bone Shield.png Bone Shield Armor Shields A tough shield, yet heavy and difficult to heft.
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword Weapons Swords The blade is made of a single sharpened bone.
Harvest Gloves.png Harvest Gloves Armor Accessories Similar to the durable gloves farmers wear during harvest.
Impact Gloves.png Impact Gloves Armor Accessories Every digger's best friend.
Leather.png Leather Basics Essentials So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Leaves.png Leaves Home Building A solid wall of leaves.
Lorumite Bed.png Lorumite Bed Home Furniture May you sleep surrounded by the bounty of Silvan's blessings.
Lorumite Chandelier.png Lorumite Chandelier Home Lighting An elaborate chandelier that celebrates the natural world.
Lorumite Lamp.png Lorumite Lamp Home Lighting A lamp made of a preserved Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Table.png Lorumite Table Home Furniture Lorumite craftsmen pride themselves on preserving the natural shapes and textures of the materials they use.
Lorumite Table Lamp.png Lorumite Table Lamp Home Lighting The light from the lamp brings out the fresh fragrance of the Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Wall.png Lorumite Wall Home Building A wall with hints of roots and leaves.
Makeshift Tool.png Makeshift Tool Tools Mattock A rock tied to a stick with a vine.
Novice Spear.png Novice Spear Weapons Spears A basic spear, used by new trainees.
Potted Plant.png Potted Plant Home Decoration A tall plant with thick, large leaves.
File:Stripe Wallpaper.png Stripe Wallpaper Home Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
Stripes Wallpaper.png Stripes Wallpaper Home Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
Tanning Rack.png Tanning Rack Basics Stations The finest torrend hides come from the Lorumite tribe.
Vine Bow.png Vine Bow Weapons Bows Made from a branch with vines still growing on it.
File:Vine Wallpaper.png Vine Wallpaper Home Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
Vine Wand.png Vine Wand Weapons Wands Apprentice mages are taught how to craft makeshift wands from vines in an emergency.
Vines Wallpaper.png Vines Wallpaper Home Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
Wooden Barrel.png Wooden Barrel Armor Chest Arguably better than death.
Wooden Box.png Wooden Box Basics Storage When the Abeos left Corsaltus they created wooden boxes to store their things.