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Wood big.png
Effect While not immediately usable, it is an essential material for crafting.
Tooltip "Remember to always plant new trees after chopping them down, or else Silvan's wrath might be incurred." - Lorumite Elder
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
25 99
Looted From
Barrum Tree.png Barrum Tree
Dead Tree.png Dead Tree
Eldor Tree.png Eldor Tree
Marshmallow Tree.png Marshmallow Tree
Mushroom Tree.png Mushroom Tree
Oak Tree.png Oak Tree
Pine Tree.png Pine Tree
Zebra Tree.png Zebra Tree

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bucket Helm.png Bucket Helm Armor Head Training armor used in the most desperate of times.
Leather.png Leather Basics Essentials So commonly used it was once the primary currency.
Lumber.png Lumber Basics Essentials Trees grow quickly and abundantly in Crea.
Wood Club.png Wood Club Weapons Swords Good for hitting things like a brute.