Ghost Shell

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Ghost Shell
Ghost Shell big.png
Effect Used to plant ghost plants. Only grows in soot.
Tooltip The translucent husk has an eerie glow.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
30 99
Looted From
Ghost Plant.png Ghost Plant

Name Category Subcategory Description
Arcane Rod.png Arcane Rod Weapons Wands A staple wand in any mage's arsenal..
Enchanter Outfit.png Enchanter Outfit Basics Outfits Very few truly know how to manipulate Remna. They are known as the Remni.
Ghost Lantern.png Ghost Lantern Home Lighting The shell of a ghost plant gives off an eerie light.
Lance.png Lance Weapons Spears During the war, lancers were especially effective at fighting flying monsters.
Moonbeam.png Moonbeam Weapons Swords A blade that shimmers with a magical light.
Replere.png Replere Weapons Swords A large sword embedded with a floating Syle Core.
Sylic Wand.png Sylic Wand Weapons Wands A basic wand, just strong enough to channel syle energy.