Lanteed Blossom

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Lanteed Blossom
Lanteed Blossom big.png
Effect Consuming heals a small amount of health.
Tooltip Lanteed tea, which has a sweet fragrance, is very popular in the summertime.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
50 99

Name Category Subcategory Description
Flower Vase.png Flower Vase Home Decoration 'The Daughters of Silvan' is a popular lullaby about wildflowers.
Healer Outfit.png Healer Outfit Basics Outfits The sacred robes of one who serves in the healer's guild.
Lorumite Cap.png Lorumite Cap Armor Head A primitive helmet created long ago by the people of Lorum.
Lorumite Chair.png Lorumite Chair Home Furniture The seat is craftily woven from flexible leaves.
Lorumite Chandelier.png Lorumite Chandelier Home Lighting An elaborate chandelier that celebrates the natural world.
Lorumite Dresser.png Lorumite Dresser Home Furniture The Lorumite people are known for respect for the natural world, which reflects in all their crafts and culture.
Lorumite Lamp.png Lorumite Lamp Home Lighting A lamp made of a preserved Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Nightstand.png Lorumite Nightstand Home Furniture A charming nightstand made of a single tree stump.
Lorumite Pants.png Lorumite Pants Armor Legs Even though this provided little protection, it still was widely used due to the abundance of the materials.
Lorumite Shirt.png Lorumite Shirt Armor Chest Surrounded by forests at the foot of Acano, this proved to be effective camouflage.
Lorumite Table.png Lorumite Table Home Furniture Lorumite craftsmen pride themselves on preserving the natural shapes and textures of the materials they use.
Lorumite Table Lamp.png Lorumite Table Lamp Home Lighting The light from the lamp brings out the fresh fragrance of the Lanteed blossom.
Tonic.png Tonic Alchemy Recipe A slightly bubbly beverage, with a refreshing flavor.