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When you start a new character on Crea you will have an empty lore book and are unable to open the lore interface. Once you have unlocked at least one lore page you can then access the lore book by pressing the "L" key. The lore book is split into 5 chapters, these chapters in order are letters, creation, benediction, history and bestiary. In total there are 34 pages to unlock across all the chapters.You can gain lore pages through many different activities. Some activities includeː

  • Killing 50 enemies of a certain type will reward their lore page.
  • Entering a boss realm with reward its lore page.
  • Levelling your combat level to 5 and 25 will reward a lore page.
  • Activating 3 Way Crystals will reward a lore page.
  • Talking to each NPC will reward a lore page.
  • Finding Bookshelves in the world will reward a lore page.