Obsidian Shard

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Obsidian Shard
Obsidian Shard big.png
Tooltip Almost all of the world's obsidian comes from Tantas, and is one of the many resources that the Southern Trinity has a monopoly on.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
80 99

Name Category Subcategory Description
Acano Bed.png Acano Bed Home Furniture Perfect for winter nights, this bed produces its own source of warmth.
Acano Chair.png Acano Chair Home Furniture Made with the essence of lava and fire. Don't sit on it for too long.
Acano Chandelier.png Acano Chandelier Home Lighting The design is inspired by Acano, the volcano where Aegnix resides.
Acano Table.png Acano Table Home Furniture The hot surface of the table keeps food steaming hot.
Acano Table Lamp.png Acano Table Lamp Home Lighting The smouldering fire crystals give off a smoky scent.
Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade Weapons Swords The blade has been permanently stained with blood.
Battle Ranseur.png Battle Ranseur Weapons Spears A deadly triple-bladed spear.
Executioner.png Executioner Weapons Swords A strong sword with a flat tip made for executions.
Flechette Bow.png Flechette Bow Weapons Bows A mysterious bow that duplicates arrows in mid-air.
File:Illusory Helm.png Illusory Helm Armor Head Being a trade culture, Tantas had no need for an army before the Tetrea War.
Mintus Rod.png Mintus Rod Weapons Wands Conservation of Syle is the second principle of the Path of Mages.
Obsidian Brick.png Obsidian Brick Home Building Brickwork as dark as the night.
Sear Bow.png Sear Bow Weapons Bows Shoots arrows that deplete the target's syle energy.
Zweihander.png Zweihander Weapons Swords Used by Dantrest Beserkers, whose bloodlust was only rivaled by King Baritus himself.