Premium Oil Clot

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Premium Oil Clot
Premium Oil Clot big.png
Effect A large dollop of oil. Useful for crafting.
Tooltip Oil slimes at first had a fierce name to go along with their creation, however Abeo started calling them by their current name since they produce so much oil.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
150 99
Looted From
Oil Slime.png Oil Slime
Paragon Oil Slime.png Paragon Oil Slime
Telin.png Telin

Name Category Subcategory Description
Battle Ranseur.png Battle Ranseur Weapons Spears A deadly triple-bladed spear.
Illusory Leggings.png Illusory Leggings Armor Legs The Tantas government was reluctant to aid in the war, but did not want to become an enemy of the Dantrest Empire.
Illusory Shroud.png Illusory Shroud Armor Chest Tantas formed an army overnight and made this their official soldier uniform.
Impede Bow.png Impede Bow Weapons Bows Before she fell in the war, Lyla the Eagle-Eyed was said to have shot down hundreds of monsters.
Shinobi Hakama.png Shinobi Hakama Armor Legs These pants are made of a special blend that is designed not to rustle when worn.
Shinobi Kusari.png Shinobi Kusari Armor Chest Favored by the assassin society, the kusari uniform helps the wearer avoid detection.
Shinobi Zukin.png Shinobi Zukin Armor Head The zukin hood is a respected symbol of mystery and secrecy.
War Glaive.png War Glaive Weapons Spears A specially crafted spear used by army officers.