Refined Carapace

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Refined Carapace
Refined Carapace big.png
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Eltret.png Eltret
Paragon Quaridin.png Paragon Quaridin
Quaridin.png Quaridin
Zabis.png Zabis

Name Category Subcategory Description
Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade Weapons Swords The blade has been permanently stained with blood.
Beast Chestplate.png Beast Chestplate Armor Chest Every warrior must hunt for and craft their own armor.
Fortified Shield.png Fortified Shield Armor Shields Originally only the elite soldiers carried this shield but towards the end of the war most had one.
Poison Spear (Lv20).png Poison Spear (Lv20) Weapons Spears A spear made from the tail of a zabis, with the venomous stinger intact