Refined Sinew

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Refined Sinew
Refined Sinew big.png
Effect Thin and elastic, useful as bow strings.
Tooltip Veteran hunters will keep spare bow strings; master hunters only need one.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Telin.png Telin

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bore Shot.png Bore Shot Weapons Bows A powerful bow that sends arrows piercing through enemies.
Long Bow.png Long Bow Weapons Bows A huge bow that takes great strength to bend.
Sear Bow.png Sear Bow Weapons Bows Shoots arrows that deplete the target's syle energy.
Siege Bow.png Siege Bow Weapons Bows A beefy metal bow.
Sniper Ring.png Sniper Ring Armor Accessories "Clear your eyes, men, and calm your minds. Today will be remembered as a day of victory." - General Gallant
Sylic Bow.png Sylic Bow Weapons Bows A shimmering bow infused with sylic energy.
Venedic.png Venedic Weapons Spears The Adamantite Guard were an elite group of soldiers who protected the members of the royal family.
Winged Bow.png Winged Bow Weapons Bows Rain down angelic vengeance on the world.