Refined Vine

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Refined Vine
Refined Vine big.png
Effect A long, curly piece of vine.
Tooltip Vines conceal the doorways to the underworld.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Lanteed.png Lanteed
Paragon Lanteed.png Paragon Lanteed

Name Category Subcategory Description
Beast Breeches.png Beast Breeches Armor Legs Throughout the years the design has changed very little, but the biggest innovation is the Ortomi's tongue. The extra padding does wonders.
Beast Chestplate.png Beast Chestplate Armor Chest Every warrior must hunt for and craft their own armor.
Beast Helm.png Beast Helm Armor Head With the abundance of creatures on Tantas, the required materials are not hard to come by. And yes, many monsters were harmed (severely) in the making of this armor.
Divine Virge.png Divine Virge Weapons Wands A wand often given as a gift to apprentice mages upon completing their first set of trials.
Recurve Bow.png Recurve Bow Weapons Bows A bow purely focused on maximizing damage.
Ricochet Bow.png Ricochet Bow Weapons Bows Arrows shot with this bow oddly bounce off walls.