Zebra Seed

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Zebra Seed
Zebra Seed big.png
Effect Used to plant zebra trees.
Tooltip Elegantly striped in brown and silver.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
20 99
Looted From
Zebra Tree.png Zebra Tree

Name Category Subcategory Description
Adventurer's Mattock.png Adventurer's Mattock Tools A tool commonly carried by seasoned explorers.
Laevin Wand.png Laevin Wand Weapons Wands A well-trained Laevin Corps can transform a regular army into an unstoppable force.
Lorumite Cap.png Lorumite Cap Armor Head A primitive helmet created long ago by the people of Lorum.
Lorumite Pants.png Lorumite Pants Armor Legs Even though this provided little protection, it still was widely used due to the abundance of the materials.
Lorumite Shirt.png Lorumite Shirt Armor Chest Surrounded by forests at the foot of Acano, this proved to be effective camouflage.